Over 1,000 National Faith Leaders Demand a Ban on Assault Weapons


As teenage survivors of last week’s deadly Florida high school shooting marched into the state capital and hundreds of students joined sympathy protests to demand a ban on assault weapons, over 1,000 national faith leaders called on Congress to “Stop the Killing” by banning assault weapons.

Here’s a snap map example of anti-gun walkouts:


Since morality won’t move the NRA Congress, most but not all of whom are Republican, maybe optics will. They are now up against teenage survivors of a gun massacre and over 1,000 faith leaders. This is sort of the point in this movie where even an idiot who is getting millions from the NRA knows this is not a going to end well for them.

But we have a Congress largely shielded from the public. Some of these Republican lawmakers know what it is to be on the other end of a gun, they know the terror, but they also know that they have protection from the angry white men their policies arm. Our children do not.

This is what a movement looks like. It consists of people from all walks of life. All religions. They will not be silenced and they will not be ignored.

Here’s a gallery of images from the protest today. To see what Republicans are up against, click on image to enlarge. All images Reuters.