Spineless Marco Rubio Looks At Shooting Survivors And Refuses To Stop Taking NRA Money

Sen. Marco Rubio (RFL) was asked by a Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor if he would stop taking NRA money and he said no.


Rubio was asked if he would stop taking NRA cash, and he wouldn’t say yes. In fact, Rubio said no. He said that he would continue to take the NRA’s money because the millions of people in the NRA are buying into his agenda. No one in the building brought what Rubio was selling, but his answer demonstrated what a powerful hold the NRA has on these members of Congress.

Marco Rubio still has his eyes on the White House, so he is going to do nothing to alienate the NRA. Marco Rubio is an NRA puppet, and he proved by refusing to cut the cash strings even after 17 adults and children were murdered in his state.