The NRA Trembles Marco Rubio Gets Booed And Called Pathetic At Gun Violence Town Hall

NRA best boy Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was called pathetic, weak, and nearly booed out of the building when he refused to support an assault weapons ban at the gun violence town hall.

Rubio got confronted by Fred Guttenberg who lost his daughter in the Stoneman Douglas shooting:

Sen. Rubio also got jeered when he refused to support the assault weapons ban:

The NRA should be terrified by the scene at this town hall

The anger of a nation is pouring out in microcosm at this gun violence town hall. The NRA may own the Republicans in Congress now, but if the reaction that Sen. Rubio is getting is any indication, anyone who gets support from the NRA is going to be in jeopardy. The NRA may no longer be able to prop up these Republicans anymore. The tide is turning, and those who are supported by the NRA should be running for their political lives.