Fla. Democrat Says Gun Nuts Calling Parkland Kids ‘Actors’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Own Weapons


A Florida lawmaker blasted conspiracy theorists who are calling the Parkland shooting survivors paid actors, saying these lunatics should be included in the database that prohibits certain people from owning a weapon.

In an interview on MSNBC, Florida State Rep. Jared Moskowitz slammed the individuals floating these crackpot conspiracy theories, equating them to those who believe in Bigfoot.



Moskowitz, who has personally met with these students, slammed the conspiracy theorists:

It’s funny, as we debate mental health, I think to myself the folks that think these students are not real and they’re actors, they may need to wind up on the list of people who don’t have access to weapons because you know, I’ve met with these students. The governor met with these students today. I’ve been feeding them pizza and ice cream. I was in a dozen meetings with these students. The idea that these students aren’t real and they’re actors, this is nonsense. These are the people who believe in big foot and the lochness monster. It’s a shame that we give these people any credibility and we even talk about them. The fact the president’s son is retweeting that nonsense, it’s all politics. People see through it.

It’s clear that the gun lobby and right-wing media outlets are terrified of these students. Since pro-gun fanatics can’t make any logical, substantive counter-arguments to support their guns-everywhere approach, they are simply attacking the survivors.

But as Florida Rep. Moskowitz said on Wednesday, people are beginning to see through this charade. Americans want real action, and these kids are pulling the country in that direction.

The young survivors of last week’s tragedy in Parkland are voicing their concerns about America’s gun problem in a sensible, articulate and inspiring way. This terrifies gun nuts, who rely on misinformation, hysteria and outright lies in order to advance their gun-toting agenda.

Despite efforts to smear high schoolers, the Parkland survivors have no intention of being intimidated and say they are committed to keeping the heat on lawmakers until meaningful action is taken.  The rest of the country should join them.