Trump Doesn’t Want A Sitter So He May Dump John Kelly And Have No Chief Of Staff

Trump is looking at firing John Kelly and not filling the job of chief of staff because he likely thinks that he can be his own chief of staff.


Jeremy Peters of The New York Times told MSNBC, ” I don’t know that Trump wants to fill it. What I’ve heard in recent days this could be a place where John Kelly goes, and Trump doesn’t appoint a chief of staff. Really he’s going to do whatever he wants anyway. He doesn’t like being told what to do, he doesn’t like the perception he has to have his hand held or his words and thoughts edited by an adult in the room.”

The reason why Trump would leave the chief of staff position empty is that he can’t handle any structure at all. Trump wants to sit around all day tweeting. He doesn’t want someone telling him that he has to go to meetings or that he can’t watch Fox News right now, or even that he has to miss a party at his private club because the government is shut down.

Trump wants to do what he wants when he wants, and one gets the sense that although Kelly has been incredibly weak as the chief of staff, he is still the only person providing even shred of order to the chaos that is this administration.

If you thought things were out of control and insane now, wait until Trump starts acting as his own chief of staff.