Trump Used A Cheat Sheet So That He Could Pretend To Show Empathy To Parkland Victims


Photographers captured Trump holding a cheat sheet with empathetic things to say that was written for him by White House staff for his meeting with Parkland school shooting survivors and families.

Via the AP:

Here is the larger version of the picture, where you can see that Trump’s replies were scripted:


Obama sang Amazing Grace. Trump needed a cheat sheet

Trump sat stone-faced while listening to the angry and crying survivors and relatives. It was unclear how much if any of their pain was sinking in. Trump is completely unable to identify with people and their experiences at any level. Obama got the nickname the Consoler In Chief for his ability to comfort in times of grief and tragedy. Trump is about as comforting as talking to a brick.

Real human beings don’t need cheat sheets, and president that doesn’t do empathy, leadership, or action isn’t a president at all.

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