New Charges Against Manafort And Gates Show Mueller Is Relentlessly Coming After Trump

Bob Mueller is relentlessly coming after Paul Manafort and Rick Gates to get Manafort to talk about Trump/Russia collusion.

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Here is Ari Melber talking about the growing pressure on Manafort:

Most legal experts think that Mueller already has enough to convict Manafort, so why is he adding more charges?

The answer is pressure. Mueller is putting the heat on Manafort because a Manafort flip would open the door wide to the Trump campaign. The message that Robert Mueller is using Manafort and Gates to send is that he will not stop. He is going to keep coming after the players in the Russia scandal until he gets to the truth. Paul Manafort has to know that he is already going to spend the rest of his life in jail. Even if Trump gets rid of Mueller, Manafort and Gates will face state charges.

It’s over for Paul Manafort, and Mueller is going to crush him like a grape if that is what it takes to get to the truth about Trump and Russia.

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