Adam Schiff on Rachel Maddow

Adam Schiff Tells Rachel Maddow That Manafort Is Begging Trump For A Pardon

The top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Manafort’s statement on Friday was a message to Trump asking for a presidential pardon.

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Schiff said, “These very detailed charges now I think also tell manafort just how much the special counsel knows, just how much liability he faces and the statement Manafort issued today was very telling lake so many figures in the campaign and facing liability or even in the administration, they have an audience of one in their message and I think the audience of one for that Manafort statement today was the president of the United States. It was basically a love letter saying give me a pardon. I’m standing by you but he’s obviously facing enormous liability and now an insider cooperating and I think the detail of those indictments show him as well as the country just what these guys were involved with.”

Adam Schiff was right. Manafort is holding out for a pardon.

Rep. Schiff has it nailed. Paul Manafort is refusing to flip because he is under the belief that Donald Trump is going to bail him out with a presidential pardon. Manafort seems to think that if he stays loyal enough to Trump long enough, Trump will reward him with a pardon.

Where did Paul Manafort get this idea? Did the White House send word to him that if he stays quiet, he will be rewarded by the President?

Paul Manafort is holding out for a presidential pardon, and if that pardon doesn’t come, he will have no choice, but to tell the Special Counsel what he knows.

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