1 Dynamite Paragraph Of The Dem Memo Proves Trump/Russia Collusion


The Democratic memo contains FBI intelligence that Carter Page was talking to the Russians about providing the Trump campaign with their dirt on Hillary Clinton.

On page four of the memo:

The proof of Trump/Russia collusion

Carter Page was a member of the Trump campaign when he talked to the Russians about releasing information that they had on Hillary Clinton. There is now a connection between a member of the Trump campaign and Russia discussing releasing the damaging information that the Russians had on Hillary Clinton to help Donald Trump. The information that the Russians were offering was illegally obtained through hacking, and the Trump campaign seemed more than willing to take illegal campaign assistance from a hostile foreign power.


Trump’s claim that no one from his campaign had anything to do with the Russians is a flat-out lie.

The proof is in the Democratic memo in black and white.

The Democratic memo is more than a rebuttal of the Nunes memo. The Dem memo also offers key details on how the Trump campaign and Russia hooked up.

Trump better get to change his no collusion tweets to no impeachment because the facts are moving this president closer to removal from office.