Jared Kushner Could Be Committing Treason By Selling US Secrets

Naveed Jamali explained on MSNBC’s AM Joy how Jared Kushner could be using his access to classified information to sell US secrets to foreign countries.

Jamali said on AM Joy that the Russians and Chinese look for people who are willing to use their access for personal enrichment. He recounted what he told the Russians when he was working as a double agent, “I told them when I was working for the Russians, they knew I was going to become an intelligence officer for the United States Navy. I was very clear. It was very clear and understood that I was doing that in large part, that I would have access to information that I could sell and be able to enrich myself. That was part of the profile that I built to present to them. I see a one to one parallel between what I presented and someone like manafort and curb Kushner that see their positions to personally enrich themselves not through service but through their access. That is what the Chinese, not just Russians are looking for people like that.”


Jared Kushner selling state secrets makes sense

Why is a guy who is $1.5 billion in debt working at a job for no salary and fighting to keep his access to classified information? The answer is money. Kushner’s current status and position are worth a lot of money. As we saw with Paul Manafort, his money problems magically disappeared when he became the chairman of the Trump campaign. Senior White House positions that have direct access to classified information and the President Of The United States are worth a lot of money.

It would be easy for someone like Kushner to sell state secrets. He already has relationships with governments around the world. The one consistent behavior of the Trump campaign and White House has been a willingness to exploit their public position for personal financial gain. This is about cold hard cash, and that is a good reason why Jared Kushner is fighting so hard for access to information that he should never be allowed to see.

Mueller is already looking at Trump and Kushner for financial crimes, but the biggest crime of all would be treason committed by selling state secrets to US enemies. The fact that this possibility can’t be ruled out is exactly why Kushner is a danger to national security.

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