Parkland Shooting Survivor Calls On Fedex To Dump The NRA

David Hogg, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 dead, has become one of the leaders in the movement for stricter gun control laws after the tragedy. One of the ways he’s been fighting back is by using his now massive platform to urge companies with partnerships to the National Rifles Association (NRA) to cut ties.

Already, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hertz, Enterprise, National Car Rental, TrueCar, Symantec, and First National Bank of Omaha have made statements announcing the end of benefits programs they had for members of the NRA.

Hogg publicly called out these companies on Twitter and asked his followers to let him know of others who still do business with the NRA. His latest focus is Fedex. He posted multiple tweets about the delivery service on Friday and subsequently asked the public to boycott the company after finding out about the ties its chairman has with the Republican Party.

Targeting the profits of people in power is one of the most effective and concrete forms of protest, which Hogg has proven with how quickly the others he blasted were to act.

The students of Parkland, Florida are clearly determined not to let the momentum the gun control movement has gained die down, and it’s working. Half a million people are expected to participate in the March for Our Lives protest in Washington on March 24, walkouts at high schools have been staged across the country over the past 10 days.