Trump’s Lawyers Are Flipping Out And Trying To Keep Him From Impeachment As Mueller Closes In


Trump’s lawyers are trying to think of a way for him to testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that doesn’t end with Trump committing a crime by perjuring himself.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “President Donald Trump’s lawyers are considering ways for him to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller, provided the questions he faces are limited in scope and don’t test his recollections in ways that amount to a potential perjury trap, a person familiar with his legal team’s thinking said. Mr. Trump’s legal team is weighing options that include providing written answers to Mr. Mueller’s questions and having the president give limited verbal testimony, another person familiar with the matter said.”

Trump will definitely commit a crime if he testifies

Trump’s lawyers are trying to find a way for the President to testify to the special counsel that doesn’t end with Trump engaging in criminal conduct. Robert Mueller doesn’t have to agree to any of the conditions that the Trump’s lawyers would like to have. If Mueller really wants to talk to Trump, he can subpoena him, and force Trump to swear under oath to tell the truth and verbally answer questions.

Mueller doesn’t have to cut a deal with Trump.


Trump’s own lawyers know that if he testifies, he will commit a crime. Trump isn’t walking into a perjury trap. Trump is a walking perjury trap. Robert Mueller is coming, and there is nothing that they can do to stop Trump’s self-destruction.