5 Deferment Trump Says He Would Have Run Into The Parkland Shooting Without A Gun

Trump claimed that he would have courageously run into the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School unarmed. Trump is the same man who got five deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam, and he is so lazy that he prefers to use a golf cart instead of walking.


Trump said, “You don’t know until you test it, but I really believe I would run in even if I didn’t have a weapon.”

There is zero evidence that Donald Trump has ever set foot in a public school in his entire life. Trump is a human being whose life has been defined by a lack of courage. Trump got five deferments to avoid serving his country in Vietnam. Trump has never shown anything but contempt for self-sacrifice, so it is impossible to believe his action movie hero self-mythologizing.

Trump wouldn’t know heroic courage if he tripped over while getting up to turn his television on to Fox News. The next time there is a mass shooting, and there will be a next time because Trump and the NRA won’t ban assault weapons, let’s send Donald Trump in unarmed to handle it.

America is tired of the tough talk. It’s time for Trump to put some action behind his empty words.