Adam Schiff Thinks The Next Mueller Indictments Will Implicate Team Trump

While Donald Trump claims the recent Mueller indictment of 13 Russians clears him of any wrongdoing, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff suggested on Monday that the indictment could actually spell major trouble for the White House.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Schiff – the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee – said he thinks Robert Mueller purposely didn’t include American actors in his recent indictment because he wants it to be part of a separate one.


When Hayes asked Schiff what part of the Mueller investigation has struck him as surprising, he said:

One thing I found striking about the indictment of these 13 Russians, aside from the fact of the extraordinary detail, and that is what is not included in the indictment. And that is the whole Russian hacking of these documents, the dumping of this information was not a part of that indictment. Now there is ample evidence for Bob Mueller to have included it. I can only conclude from the fact it was left out that Bob Mueller wants that to be part of a separate indictment. And the key question there is: Is that going to involve Russian figures alone or are there going to be U.S. person implicated as well?

Schiff thinks Mueller’s next indictment will include Americans

Trump and his team have spun the recent indictment as good news for them, but the fact that Mueller didn’t include Americans – or touch on Russian document dumping during the campaign – speaks volumes.

As Schiff noted, Mueller never skimps on the details. There was a reason the indictment didn’t include this information or implicate any Americans. That reason probably isn’t because no one in the U.S. coordinated with the Russians to spread misinformation during the campaign. Instead, it’s likely because a separate, larger indictment will touch on that subject and incriminate Americans.

If the Democratic congressman’s conclusion is correct, it’s likely that the Americans who helped Russia undermine U.S. democracy were working in an effort to help Donald Trump. Given the repeatedly undisclosed contacts between Trump advisors and Russian officials, it’s more than possible that at least some of them were members of the campaign.

And, as Jason Easley noted a short time ago, “Collusion is not illegal, but coordinating a foreign government, and getting aid and assistance from that government is definitely illegal.”

Ultimately, Trump and his team are not out of the woods; in fact, just the opposite is true. What’s coming next in the Russia investigation could spell the beginning of the end for this president.

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