Sarah Huckabee Sanders Melts Down And Goes On A Blame Obama Tirade After Reporters Hammer Her On Russia

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got visibly angry and went on blame Obama tirade as reporters pressed her on Trump’s non-response to Russian cyber attacks.


Sanders said, “No one is denying him the authority. We’re looking at a number of different ways that we can put pressure — look, this president, as I told you last week, has been much tougher on Russia than his predecessor. Let’s not forget that this happened under Obama. It didn’t happen under president trump. If you want to blame somebody on past problems, then you need to look at the Obama administration. The president is looking at all of the different causes and all of the different ways that we can prevent it. And as we find different ways that we can do that, we’re implementing them. Like you see with the money that was allocated by the state as you see with the conversations that the secretary from DHS is having. We’re going to continue looking at different ways to combat it. And I would imagine that that would be, certainly, a big part of it. But I can’t speak to anything further on it right now.”

The Press Secretary was outraged that the media would call out Trump and ask why NSA head, Admiral Mike Rogers had not been given the proper authority to combat Russian cyber attacks. Sanders had no answer for why the head of the NSA had been the authority that he needs to do his job. Her only response was to rant and rave and blame Obama for Trump not protecting future American elections.

The answer to why Rogers has been given the presidential directive that he needs is that Trump and the Republicans want the Russians to interfere in US elections. As long as Republicans continue to benefit, they aren’t going to lift a finger to stop Putin. It really is that simple. As long as Putin helps Trump, the Republicans will leave the election backdoor wide open.

Sanders’ sensitivity to the question reveals how afraid the Trump White House is of the Russia scandal.

Blame Obama meltdowns aren’t going to distract from the real point about Trump and his relationship with Russia.