Hope Hicks’ Resignation Is Proof That The Rats Are Fleeing The Sinking Trump Ship

The White House denies it, but the resignation of Hope Hicks shows that Trump inner circle is fleeing due to the Russia investigation.

Chuck Todd ran down the list of Trump staff who have fled in the last three months:

Todd said, “The president’s staff secretary just quit following allegations that he committed spousal abuse and mother member Omarosa just recently to be on “Big brother” and all of that is just in the past few weeks. Most of it in the past few days. And don’t forget, his bodyguard with him forever and director of security Keith Schiller also has left him. That was a move that John Kelly made early in his tenure and the chief strategist Steve Bannon left a few weeks prior to that and then Dina Powell left. You get the drift. We get lost in the craziness of the White House moment to moment it is hard to see the forest through the trees but look at the casualty list of advisers and think about it in the span of about a 90-day period. Some have been with him from the beginning. Others more recently joined the team but add them up and you might wonder if it is a case of abandoned ship involving the president’s inner circle.”

The White House is denying that Hope Hicks’ resignation had anything to do with Russia, but she is resigning one day after telling Congressional investigators that she has told lies for Donald Trump. The White House has zero credibility on denials because they have gone on the record and admitted that they lie. Hope Hicks bailed for a few potential reasons. Either the Russia investigation is knocking on her door, or she is trying to get out before the Mueller findings destroy the Trump presidency.

The White House can deny it, but it is a fact that people who were around Trump when the events of the 2016 campaign happened are leaving. That is a fact. The rats are fleeing as the Trump presidency is taking on water, and his inner circle realizes that there is zero chance of a rescue.