Mueller Just Sent Trump Into A Total Panic By Investigating His Knowledge Of DNC Email Hack

Trump’s panicked attack on Jeff Sessions makes sense now. Robert Mueller is investigating the President’s knowledge of the DNC hack.


Katy Tur of NBC News reported:

We have breaking news. Interference of the 2016 presidential campaign. NBC news exclusively reports from me and Carol Lee, the special counsel is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald Trump himself was aware that democratic e-mails had been stolen before the public knew about it and whether he was involved in their strategic public release, according to multiple people.


Questions like, why did the then-candidate ask that? Did somebody tell him to? Was it scripted? Was Donald Trump trying to give himself cover for what he already knew was about to come? Investigators also want to know if he knew Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, would be targeted later.”

Mueller wants to know if Trump had advance knowledge of the DNC email hack

The chatter from the Trump campaign about something big coming and Trump’s own comments asking Russia to get Hillary Clinton’s emails suggest that the Trump campaign knew about the hacked emails. The Democratic memo paints a more vivid picture of members of the Trump campaign hearing about the hacked emails from the Russians, and the discussion that took place about how the Russians could get the information to the Trump campaign.

People may have dismissed the coordination aspect of this investigation too quickly. The coordination between Trump and Russia matters because it provides a motive for the obstruction of justice as it relates to the firing of James Comey. Mueller is digging deep, and now Trump’s panic and attack on Jeff Sessions makes more sense. The Special Counsel investigation is getting closer to the president, and the Trump is desperately seeking a way to shut it down.

Mueller is hot on his trail, and Trump is running out of hiding places as all of his dark secrets may soon be revealed for the American people to see.