Wisconsin State Senator Shows Up To Meeting With Students About Gun Violence Armed

Wisconsin Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard showed up to a meeting with high school students who are concerned about gun violence armed and displaying a handgun.

Here was the scene:

Republicans don’t get it. They aren’t going to be able to flash their weapons of mass overcompensation and get students, parents, and the rest of the country to back down on the issue of gun violence. I am sure that the picture played well with the NRA crowd, but for the 90% or more of the country that isn’t in the NRA, it was a stupid and ignorant gesture of contempt.

People want real solutions to gun violence and any version of hey, let’s give everyone more guns is not a valid answer. Republicans have a simple choice. They can either grow up and step up to what they were elected to do, or they can “stand their ground” with the NRA and be voted out of office.