Jared Kushner Could Be Going To Prison For Bribery

Jared Kushner may have violated criminal bribery laws by using his White House position as a senior adviser to help his personal business.


When asked about how Kushner’s mixing of personal business with his White House job could influence the Mueller investigation, Julia Ainsley of NBC News said, ” It’s not completely clear it does. We know Mueller is looking at overseas contacts Jared Kushner had and whether or not he was able to separate himself when he got into the White House. What’s clear, though, is they’re always looking at pay to play. With these domestic investors, there could be a way that he was somehow influenced, the policy of the White House was influenced because of these investors. In this case, this could be an ethics violation. It could also be at its most high level, if you want to take it to a criminal level, it could be a bribery violation. We know that there are elements of an ethics rule that will separate the way people do business in the White House and their personal financial gains. When those things overlap, there are rules that are broken. Whether or not Robert Mueller is including this in his investigation isn’t exactly laid out in the story but it fits into the overall theme where he wants to see how this White House might have been influenced.”

Trump seems to think that his kids are immune from ethics and criminal laws because they don’t take a salary. The president thinks that a person is only an employee if they take a salary.

Kushner’s activities could fit the legal definition of bribery, “Bribery refers to the offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving of any item of value as a means of influencing the actions of an individual holding a public or legal duty.”

If an investor came forward and said I gave Jared Kushner money in exchange for him influencing White House policy that would be grounds for a bribery investigation. The discussion on Jared Kushner is quickly shifting from did he break the law to what laws did he break?

It won’t be surprising if there ends up being a federal or state investigation of Kushner for bribery, as Trump’s son in law could become the first member of the administration to end up in an orange jumpsuit.

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