Joe Biden To Campaign For Connor Lamb In Toss Up PA-18 Special Election

Joe Biden is heading to the tossup special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district to campaign for the surging Democratic candidate Connor Lamb.

Biden is coming back to Pennsylvania:

Joe Biden is coming to a race that is getting closer by the minute. The Cook Political Report moved the special election into the toss-up category, because, “What’s made the race so close, many Republicans admit, is that Lamb has simply proven to be a stronger candidate than Saccone.” There has been a mountain of outside spending for Rick Saccone. Most of the ads are some version of that old Republican trope Nancy Pelosi is the devil, so vote for us.

The problems for Republicans in PA-18 are the same ones that they have faced across the country. The Republicans have a weak candidate, a non-existent message, and fire up electorate that wants change working against them, when you add in the fact that the tax cuts that Republicans were planning to run on aren’t resonating at all with voters, the end result is that a seat that was so solidly Republican that Democrats struggled to mount any opposition over the last 15 years could go blue in less than two weeks.

Connor Lamb has been outspent 17-1, but voters like him, and he is bringing in a seriously popular reinforcement in former Vice President Joe Biden. The blue wave is gearing up for what could be its biggest victory to date in PA-18.