Republicans Enraged As Trump Knifes Them In The Back On Guns

Republicans are in chaos after Trump got in front of the TV cameras with them and immediately changed his position and stabbed his own party in the back on guns.


Hallie Jackson said on MSNBC, “I’m told that the white house fielded some pretty irritated calls from members of Congress on the Republican side who are going what just happened. ”

NBC’s Kasie Hunt added, “I can’t imagine why. No, look, this is the president scrambled this gun debate. And quite frankly, he is not where they are used to being. They are used to tracking very closely what the national rifle association is willing to assume support or not support and never been reluctant to cross them. And the president clearly made a decision yesterday that he was going to at least present himself in opposition to a Congress that he accused of being in the NRA‘s pocket. So everyone appears trying to sort through — think you’ve heard a lot of lawmakers use the phrase, well, I think the president meant X. And that is a pretty familiar dance that we’ve now been doing on a variety of issues.”

Trump caused chaos because he is weak

Trump caused chaos because he was in a room with Democrats and wanted to be popular, so he said what the Democrats wanted to hear. The President will not sign any legislation that the NRA doesn’t support, so he attacked his own party so that he could be more popular at a White House meeting. Republicans thought that they could control Trump, but the reality is that his raging emotional issues have caused chaos throughout the entire government. Trump is a follower, not a leader. He craves popularity at all costs, and Republicans are getting what they deserve for letting him lead their party to failure.