Russia Bombshell: Mueller May Have American Co-Conspirators In Hack Of Democrats

The news that more charges are coming against the Russians, this time for the hack of Democrats, comes with it a bombshell that special counsel Robert Mueller may have American co-conspirators who worked with the Russians in the hack of the DNC.


Julia Ainsley, NBC News justice and national security reporter, said on The Last Word, “We knew two weeks ago special counsel Robert Mueller delivered a scathing indictment of 13 Russian hackers — not just hackers but influencers. Those were people able to get into social media and influence the way the election was being talked about to sow some distrust in the electoral process. But what we have that’s significant here is that a lot of information has recently been turned over to Robert Mueller from the intelligence community. This is information that includes the electronic signatures, the phishing methods they used on the Democratic Party and John Podesta. So what we’re looking at now is when Mueller may be able to go forward with these criminal charges and how he might use this as an ace in his hand. People we spoke to said there may be unnamed American co-conspirators that he is using the criminal charges to kind of pressure them to come forward and cooperate. There’s a lot of information he knows now so the question is when he does unroll that and for what reason.”

The other shoe is about to drop in the DNC hack

There are about a dozen different threads to follow in the Russia scandal but the DNC hack is one of the central parts of the investigation. So much of what followed in terms of Russia and Trump activity stems from that hack. The Russians met with the Trump campaign about how they could get the information to the Republican candidate. Trump and the Republicans ran on the hack as proof that Hillary Clinton couldn’t be trusted with classified information. There were the emails used as a weapon to help Trump through deployment via Wikileaks, and there was Trump’s request that the Russians get Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The DNC hack is vital to this case, and if the Russians had help from anyone associated with the Trump campaign, it would be game over for Donald Trump and his entire administration.