Trump Humiliated As His Own Leaked Poll Tells Him Nancy Pelosi Was Right On Tax Cuts

An internal Trump poll reveals that more voters agree with Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi that the bonuses that corporations are giving to workers are crumbs than agree with the Trump rhetoric on tax cuts.

Here is the poll question as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Trump’s own polling reveals that the GOP tax cut argument is not working

This was an internal poll done for Trump and the Republicans. The point was likely to test if Republican candidates and Trump can save their collective skins by running against Pelosi’s comment. Republicans and their dark money groups have already been watching this strategy fail in the Pennsylvania House special election, as Democrat Connor Lamb has pulled even in the formerly solidly Republican district.

The tax cut math isn’t difficult. The biggest corporations stand to gain trillions of dollars, while a few have given workers a small one time bonus for PR purposes. Even Trump own polling can’t hide the fact that voters see through the con.

If voters agree with Pelosi that the tax cuts are a handout to the wealthy and corporations while regular working Americans get the crumbs, Republicans will only hurt themselves by running against Pelosi’s comments in November.

The poll is humiliating for Trump and the Republicans, but even worse than the humiliation is the reality that Republicans can’t run on the tax cuts, and if they do, they are going to lose in November.