Parkland Survivors Warn NRA Republicans They’re Coming For Their Cash

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg said that if all Republicans care about is money; the student movement is going to come after their money.



Bill Maher: That’s what they said to you? Let’s switch the subject to porn quest back how old are you guys?

David Hogg: 17.

Bill Maher It’s not going to work for you.

David Hogg: I said stop looking at that stuff and start looking at our lives. With the economics, with all of that, I felt like we weren’t getting enough movement so I decided if the only thing these politicians care about is money, we will go after their money.

The NRA is already facing plunging gun sales

The NRA is under FBI investigation for potentially funneling tens of millions of dollars from Russia to the Trump campaign. The organization has seen profits from gun sales plummet by 65%. The NRA already had some problems before the Stoneman Douglas shooting. The student movement has only caused their issues to multiply. NRA money needs to become politically toxic. Any Republican or Democrat who takes NRA cash should be marked for defeat.

The movement is not away. Republicans have settled into their usual routine of talking and doing nothing, but these gun reform advocates are different. They ate planning to hit the NRA where it will hurt them the most, by making their money and endorsement a liability to candidates.

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