Trump Celebrates 100th Golf Trip As President By Throwing A Mar-A-Lago ‘Victory’ Fundraiser

Donald Trump can at least cross off one milestone he has been able to achieve quickly during his presidency: 100 total days on a golf course.

According to the White House press pool, Trump arrived at his golf course on Saturday morning, a visit that wasn’t listed on his public schedule.

To seemingly mark the occasion, Trump will hold a lavish fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago club. According to a report in The Hill, “Tickets to the event are priced at $2,700 a person, while a reception and two seats at a dinner with Trump cost $25,000.”

As the report notes, this fundraiser – dubbed by Trump’s team as “victory reception” – is a make-up event for a similar event he was forced to cancel in January when he marked his first year in the White House by shutting down the federal government (the first of two shutdowns he has under his belt).

Trump has spent an absurd amount of time not working

For those keeping score at home, the 100th trip Trump has made to one of his golf courses, meaning about 25 percent of his presidency has been spent on the fairway. Overall, he has spent 133 days of his presidency at one of his private clubs – that’s nearly a third of his overall time as commander-in-chief.

And on days when Trump is supposed to be working, he really isn’t. As has been widely reported, Trump spends much of his short workday in bed watching cable news or tweeting during what is noted in his schedule as “executive time.”

As Jason Easley noted in a piece in January, “It isn’t your imagination. Trump isn’t showing up for work as president. The oldest president in history is also the laziest, as Trump has taken the term do nothing politician to a whole other level.”

On Saturday, Trump did this again by partaking in two things he has done best since taking office last year: 1. Patting himself on the back for no reason through a lavish fundraiser; and 2. Golfing.

While Trump celebrates himself, the White House he is supposed to be running continues to descend further into chaos.