John Oliver Completely Blew Up The NRA’s Propaganda Machine NRATV

John Oliver watched hours of NRATV and exposed the fact that the NRA isn’t interested in gun rights at all. The NRA’s mission is to scare people and sell guns.


Oliver said, “Holy shit. They’re using the same techniques as an infomercial. “Is human traffic getting you down? Do you have ISIS sympathizers in those hard-to-reach places? Are you tired of getting 9/11’d? There’s got to be a better way! Try the ar-15! Available at way too many stores near you.” Now, to watch NRATV is to watch a constant stream of stories like those — many real, but amplified to terrify you and sell you products. And there may be a good reason it sounds like an infomercial — because it is. Many of NRATV’s shows are sponsored by gun brands like Smith & Wesson. And behind the scenes of NRATV is an ad agency. It’s called Ackerman Mcqueen. They’ve worked with the NRA for decades, and the Ackerman Mcqueen website proclaims, “Every brand must be its own media company.” And that’s what the NRA have done with their TV arm. They’ve got a product to sell, and they employ people who can sell that product. Even Dana Loesch, the clenched fist of truth, when she’s not warning of the drug cartels and human traffickers in every single American city, is selling you some other shit.”

NRATV is QVC for guns

NRATV isn’t interested in protecting the rights of gun owners. The network is set up to do one thing, and that is to motivate people to buy more guns. The NRA hides behind the Second Amendment and bogus claims that they are a membership organization for gun owners, but what kind of membership organization is only interested in moving more merchandise?

After Last Week Tonight aired, the NRA showed that they are sticking to the propaganda:

Fewer people are buying the NRA’s use of the Second Amendment as a shield to hide their motivation, which is selling guns and making money. NRATV is propaganda, and any streaming service that leaves them on the air will have the blood of future mass shootings on their hands.

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