Mueller May Have Documents On Trump Treason During The 2016 Campaign

It is rumored that Robert Mueller has a document that that shows Trump was involved in financial deals with Russia during the 2016 election. If this is the case, treason is on the table.


GOP strategist Mike Murphy passed along a rumor on The Last Word, “I’ll give you one salacious rumor because it’s Russia speculation night. I was walking around Beverly Hills, and I don’t want to be pulled in by Mueller on this, because I don’t know anything I was walking around international businessmen swore me to secrecy, you can say it on TV, a friend of mine got pulled in my Mueller asking about a mou, a memorandum of understanding that Trump had during the 2016 campaign, and Mueller has the document. That’s my contribution to the cloud of speculation. I believe this guy is credible, but have no way of knowing if it’s true.”

If Mueller has those kinds of documents on Trump, it’s over. Mueller has the smoking guns that will prove that Trump sold himself out to Russia in exchange for cash. The Russians own Trump. There is no way of knowing if this rumor is true, but we will all find out when the Special Counsel unveils his report about the Trump/Russia scandal.

There is something very wrong in the Trump/Russia relationship. Donald Trump is hiding something, and what he is hiding involves money.

If Trump committed financial crimes with a hostile foreign power during a presidential campaign, the question of treason would rise to the top of the list. Impeachment and removal will not be enough punishment for Trump. The country has never had a president commit crimes like these. If Trump is removed from office and charged, prison is where he will belong.

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