Sam Nunberg’s Meltdown Is A Huge Win For Robert Mueller

Sam Nunberg’s meltdown is the biggest public sign yet that Robert Mueller is winning this battle for truth against Trump, and that the Special Counsel is getting closer to the president himself.

Sam Nunberg went on several cable television shows and had himself a meltdown:

Nunberg called Trump an idiot, “Donald Trump caused this because he’s an idiot. Because he decided to give an interview to Lester Holt the day after he fired James Comey that then decided to have to have the Russians in the oval office. You have to explain one to me. I’ll never understand it.”

The White House responded by calling Nunberg nuts, and you know who the big winner out of all of this is?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the big winner

Mueller’s pressure tactics have worked to perfection. The White House is fighting with people on the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign people have adopted an every man and woman for themselves attitude. This is a dream come true for the Special Counsel. Mueller has the Trump people turning on each other instead of presenting a unified front to defend the president.

Trump is isolated and alone, as Mueller is picking off the people around him one by one to build a case against him. The Clinton White House stood united against the Lewinsky investigation, but Donald Trump’s straw house blew down with barely a huff and a puff from Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump, and this president doesn’t stand a chance because Mueller is winning all of the battles both big and small in the Russia investigation.

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