Democrats Get More Ammo As Kellyanne Conway Found Guilty Of Hatch Act Violations

The Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) has determined that Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act by endorsing candidates while appearing on television in her official White House role.

Here is the release from the OSC:

Conway’s guilt gives Democrats more ammo for future investigations

There are an endless series of investigations that Democrats could hold into Trump conflicts of interest and corruption. Conway could and should be rolled into an ethics investigation of this White House. Trump is not going to discipline Kellyanne Conway, but his failure to do could provide investigators more evidence that Trump is violating his oath of office and creating a culture of corruption around the White House.

Even though Trump is likely to be impeached for obstruction of justice if Democrats take back Congress, there are other offenses that could and should be added to any potential charges. Nothing will happen to Kellyanne Conway right now, but the finding of the OSC adds to building case for removal of Trump and his entire administration.

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