Gary Cohn Resigns As The Big Rats Are Fleeing Trump’s Sinking Ship

Trump’s top economic adviser, Gary Cohn, resigned shortly after Trump claimed that everybody wanted to work for him.

Trump said everybody wants to work for him:

Then Gary Cohn resigned, “It has been an honor to serve my country and enact pro-growth economic policies to benefit the American people, in particular, the passage of historic tax reform. I am grateful to the President for giving me this opportunity and wish him and the Administration great success in the future.”

Gary Cohn’s resignation is big, but not entirely unexpected.

Cohn fought against the Trump tariff plan, and after he lost the battle for sanity, he was on his way out the door. The loss of Cohn is another big blow for this White House as the entire White House staff will soon be made up of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Trump’s TV that is always tuned to Fox News. Trump has now had three senior White House officials resign in a month.

No one wants to work for Trump, and those who do come to the White House looking for a resume builder soon find themselves to be toxic and unemployable.

Robert Mueller is coming. The chaos is growing, and the Trumptanic is sinking fast.