Paul Ryan Begs Republicans Not To Bully Donald Trump

Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) showed a special level of spinelessness as he begged House Republicans not to bully Trump on his tariffs.

The Washington Post reported, “The morning meeting came as Republican lawmakers grasped for a strategy to persuade Trump to change his mind, with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), who had loudly criticized the plan on Monday, telling members in a closed-door meeting not to bully Trump on the decision. He said it could backfire and make things even worse.”

Paul Ryan begged Republicans not to bully Trump

Republicans know that Trump’s tariff plan is terrible, but they are refusing to stand up to him because they are scared that he will do something even more extreme. Ryan asked Republicans to wreck the economy because they don’t want to make Trump mad. Republicans are afraid that if they make Trump angry, he will do something even more extreme.

Trump’s own party is terrified that if they push him, he will go off the deep end. Republicans are selling our selling out the country and violating their oaths of office by refusing to stand up to Trump.

Without realizing it, Paul Ryan made the perfect argument for a Democratic Congress.

America needs a Congress that will stand up to Trump, and Republicans have shown on a daily basis that they aren’t it.

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