Trump Hands Democrats The House As Republicans Plot To Stop Him On Tariffs

Trump opened the door for Democrats to win even more House seats by causing a civil war with House Republicans, who are looking to stop him on tariffs.

Video of Paul Ryan at his weekly press conference:

Ryan said, “The president’s right to point out that there are abuses, there clearly is dumping and transshipping of steel and aluminum. There’s a big overcapacity problem. Let’s focus on the abusers of that. That’s why we think the proper approach is a more surgical approach, so we do not have unintended con consequences. That’s what we’ve been encouraging the administration. Kevin Brady, he’s been working on solutions with the administration. Those talks are ongoing, and I’m hoping we can get to a good place.”

It is what NBC’s Kasie Hunt reported that is the opening for Democrats, “Again, a very relative way, gentle sound bite from the speaker Paul Ryan. Behind the scenes, it’s made a lot of Republicans angry. Their conference meeting they had this morning was dominated by a conversation about this. There was a lot of concern expressed. They are trying to figure out what Congress can do, could they add something for example for a must-pass omnibus bill they have to do before March 23rd.”

Republicans are openly plotting to stop their own president. Being that this is Trump that we are talking about if House Republicans block his tariffs, Trump will respond by declaring war on his own party. The result of this will be more chaos, drama, and division in the GOP, which would be great news for House Democrats and Democratic candidates.

As Republicans are fighting with each other, Democrats around the country are organizing and raising money. Every second that Republicans spend fighting with Trump is another moment that Democrats come closer to winning back the House.

By sowing discord in his own party, Trump is handing the House to Democrats. Voters already want to vote for Democrats in the fall, and an inner-party slap fight over tariffs will only add more motivation to voters who want change in Congress.

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