Ari Melber Just Hit Trump With A Reality Check: Bob Mueller Knows Much More Than You Think

Ari Melber, filling in for Rachel Maddow, hit Donald Trump with a reality check on Wednesday saying that special counsel Robert Mueller knows much more than he might think.

MSNBC’s chief legal correspondent said that while there has already been so much damning information reported about Trump’s possible obstruction of justice and his ties to Russia, special counsel investigators likely know much more.


Melber explained:

McGahn … had to remind the president that he had, indeed, asked McGahn to see that Mr. Mueller was dismissed. Hold up. Quote. Had to remind the president. Those are five ominous words for Donald Trump tonight. They suggest that McGahn had to resist Trump’s version of events, this false account where Trump denies trying to get Mueller fired. If Trump is saying that false statement in the hopes that Don McGahn … would lie to Mueller, that would be a kind of statement to a witness that could be the element of a crime, which lawyer Don McGahn knows. So those are ominous words. The fact that we know that they are in the “New York Times,” those words, is even more critical, because it suggests someone or someone close to McGahn or he himself wants to be on the record in public tonight about this little memory game where we all remember the time the president tried to get his investigator fired while under investigation for obstructing justice. And if this is what is leaking out from Don McGahn, what else is he telling Mueller about Donald Trump in private?

A flurry of bombshells went public on Wednesday

Wednesday was a wild day when it comes to new revelations in the ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and whether he obstructed a criminal investigation.

The first, as I wrote about earlier, was a New York Times report that Trump was prying at least two of Mueller’s witnesses for information about their discussions with special counsel investigators. As Ari Melber noted on Wednesday, a key piece of that report detailed how Trump pressured White House lawyer Don McGahn to lie to the public.

Another report touches on the Russia-Trump team connections. According to the Washington Post, the United Arab Emirates tried to establish a secret line of communication between Russia and Trump during his post-election transition phase.

The report stated: “The United Arab Emirates arranged a secret meeting in January between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian close to President Vladi­mir Putin as part of an apparent effort to establish a back-channel line of communication between Moscow and President-elect Donald Trump, according to U.S., European and Arab officials.”

These two reports alone raise enough red flags about the two main pillars of the ongoing special counsel investigation: 1. Whether Trump obstructed justice; and 2. How much coordination took place between Russia and the Trump team during and after the 2016 election?

At the end of the day, Robert Mueller probably already knew about the eye-popping information reported publicly today, and it’s likely he has much more dirt on Trump which we have yet to learn about.

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