MSNBC Dumps Fact Free Trump Speech To Latinos After 4 Minutes

MSNBC dumps a Trump speech to the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit as he was rambling and delivering his usual misleading and false statements.


MSNBC cut into the speech at 12:04 PM ET, and by 12:08 PM ET they had gone back to cutting off Trump’s sound and going back to voice over discussion.

MSNBC dumps Trump speech

Trump bragged about creating fewer jobs than Obama and delivered his usual combination of cherry-picked and delusional statistics, “Our program is working far beyond our wildest expectations. We’ve created nearly 3 million jobs since the election, think of that, 3 million jobs. If I would have said that prior to the election, nobody would have believed it. All right? They would not have believed it. Today we have more Hispanic Americans working than ever before in our history. Setting records. New jobless claims have hit a 48-year low last week.”

There was nothing newsworthy in a speech where the president repeated his talking points and blamed Democrats for his ending of DACA.

Trump’s free ride with cable news is over

The cable news networks, outside of Fox News, have stopped the wall to wall coverage of Trump. The fact that the president uses his televised appearances to spread false and misleading information, while not holding a solo press conference has pushed televised news to realize that the vast majority of their viewers aren’t crying out for more coverage of Trump. In fact, Trump coverage is likely a net loser with non-Fox networks, because the 30%-35% of viewers who want to see Trump are already watching Fox.

Cable news has caught on that when they spend too much time carrying Trump live; many Americans reach for their remote controls. MSNBC did the right thing. Their viewership is interested in news, not presidential propaganda, and if Trump isn’t going to take questions, there is no need to subject viewers to a repetition of the same old false talking points.

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