Adam Schiff Just Dropped A Bombshell As Corey Lewandowski Refused To Answer If Trump Lied About Russia

While meeting with reporters, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Corey Lewandowski refused to answer questions about whether or not Trump and administration officials lied about meetings with Russians.


Schiff said, “We have requested that he return to answer specific questions that he was unwilling to answer today that are pertinent to our investigation, including questions about the production of the false statement concerning the trump tower meeting. Questions about the firing of James Comey. And conversations about that as well as any discussions that Mr. Lewandowski had with the president about the potential of firing Bob Mueller. These questions went unanswered. He did answer other questions regarding his time after the campaign. Nonetheless, witnesses don’t get to pick and choose when it comes to very relevant testimony in regards to our investigation. We have requested a subpoena. Whether that will be granted by the majority or not, I cannot say. We feel it very important not only to getting to the truth in terms of our investigation but also in terms of the broader precedent that it sets, that we not allow witnesses to come in and tell us what they’re willing to answer and what they won’t.”

House Republicans can pretend like they are wrapping up their Russia investigation, but the reality is that this is only the beginning. If Democrats take back the House, there will be a full-blown Russia probe led by Adam Schiff. The fact that witnesses like Lewandowski won’t answer questions about White House lies plants a big red flag in the ground that signals where the Democratic-led investigation is likely to go.

Republicans and the Trump White House are engaged in a large-scale cover-up that is about to be exposed if Democrats regain the House majority. Republicans are trading minutes of escape for hours of future Russia pain.

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