Mr. Nunberg’s Wild Ride.

Sam Nunberg  wants you to know that despite spending Monday afternoon and evening telling anyone who would listen that he wouldn’t comply with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury subpoena that he has, actually, complied in full already.

Wednesday -in an interview with Rita Cosby and Curtis Sliwa on WABC- he explained that his bizarre, contradiction-laden, possibly alcohol-fueled appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, NY1 (not to mention his interviews with New York magazine, Politico and the Washington Post) were his attempt to “do something memorable.” He explained that he didn’t want to be “some side note in history.” That’s right, nobody puts Sam Nunberg in the corner!

He also wants you to know that despite rumors to the contrary (and failing CNN’s Erin Burnett’s smell test) that no, he “wasn’t drunk” that evening, and hey! If he was “able to do a 35-minute interview drunk, I think that’d be pretty historic.”

“Historic” is one word for it.

After insisting on Monday that Mueller’s requests for all communications (including all text messages and emails) he had shared were “ridiculous,” Nunberg did indeed hand over everything as requested, and admitted that the process “was much easier than I initially thought.”

Certainly much easier than incarceration, anyway.

So what’s next for Nunberg? He’s expected to appear before the grand jury on Friday, as ordered, where he says he’s “not going to take the Fifth on anything because I don’t need to take the Fifth on anything.”

The noose is tightening around the “best people” Donald Trump infested our White House with, and around Trump himself. They can spin and brazenly lie all they want (and if you haven’t noticed, they will), but Robert Mueller and the truth will out. Hopefully sooner than later.

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