Sarah Sanders Accidentally Told The Truth About Stormy Daniels And Now She May Get Fired

Trump is unhappy with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, which is the first step in exile from the White House because she accidentally told the truth about the Stormy Daniels scandal.


CNN’s Abby Phillip reported, “This Stormy Daniels saga continues to dog this white house and Sarah Sanders yesterday finally gave the White House press corps a little bit something more on this situation when she talked about an arbitration case that the president had apparently won last week, as it relates to Stormy Daniels. That acknowledgment, according to a source close to the white house, has kind of upset the president because he believes that it has given fuel to the whole storyline. According to the source, Sarah gave the Stormy Daniels storyline steroids yesterday. Jim Acosta reported this morning, and what that means is that it opens a can of worms for the president potentially after weeks of the White House saying that he had nothing to do with this Stormy Daniels situation.”

Sarah Sanders could be fired for telling the truth

It speaks volumes about the lack of character of the man in the Oval Office that he is angry at his press secretary, not for lying, but for telling the truth. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is expected to go out in front of the cameras each day, and lie to protect the President Of The United States. When she fails to do this, when a little bit of truth slips out of her mouth, she is trouble with her boss.

No one believes Trump’s cover story on the Stormy Daniels affair. He is not fooling anyone but himself. Trump believes that he is his own best advocate in the press, which is ironic because Trump refuses to interviews with objective journalists or hold solo press conferences.

Could Trump fire Sarah Sanders? Keep an eye on this situation because once he sours on anyone in his communications staff, it is usually only a matter of time until they are gone.

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