Second Florida Teacher Busted for Overt Racism as State Prepares to Arm Them

On Thursday, the second Florida teacher in a week faced suspension or employment issues over their overt racism as the state prepares to arm school staff in 14 days.

Florida middle school teacher David Swinyar was suspended without pay for ten days after being accused of calling students “n*ggers,” telling white girls not to date black boys, and calling students dumb.

Days before this, Dayanna Volitich, another middle school teacher in Florida, was “removed from the classroom” after being busted by the Huffington Post for a white supremacist podcast titled “Unapologetic” (that whole bragging about being “un-PC” thing that is so popular among the Right) that she later tried to call “satire.”

Volitich bragged about lying to the school’s principal after parents complained about her inserting political bias into the classroom and agreed with a guest about getting more white supremacists into the school system by lying about their beliefs.

“On the podcast, she argues that ‘science has proved that certain races are smarter than others and brags about preaching white nationalism in her classroom — and hiding it from administrators. In tweets, she makes reference to the ‘horrors of #Islam,’ attacks the concept of white privilege, and says that it isn’t ‘hateful or supremacist to prefer your own people over others,’” the New York Times observed.

What do these two alleged cases of terrifyingly overt and dangerous racism by teachers in one week have to do with guns?

In 14 days unless it’s vetoed by Republican Governor Rick Scott, the bill Florida lawmakers passed Wednesday will become law. This bill will allow the arming of some public school employees.

The NRA has long used racism as a tool to sell more guns to white people and have not advocated for the rights of black people to own guns with near the same rabid zeal as they do for white people, including suspected terrorists.

A dangerous political connection exists between racism as a political tool and gun violence against black people. How are parents supposed to send their children to school knowing that teachers like the two above could well be armed?

In a country that is supposed to stand for equal opportunity for all, this is a powerful way to intimidate minorities from feeling free to get the same education as white children, including feeling free to ask question and express their own beliefs. Volitich admitted to not wanting to teach actual history as it relates to African Americans, which is reducing the education of all students but also harming black students even further.

Armed white supremacist teaching children in the “stand your ground” state where 17-year-old African American high school student Trayvon Martin was shot and killed for walking with Skittles does not say “equal opportunity.”

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