The World Laughs At Trump As He Offers Negotiations Out Of Tariff To All Nations

Trump is using his tariff on aluminum and steel as a playground mob style threat that is being met with eye rolls more than a serious concern.

The AP reported:

Just to make sure that you have this straight, it is a tariff on all nations, but not really, because every nation can negotiate their way out of it. In reality, the tariff is more Art Of The Deal nonsense. It is an empty threat that is designed to force other countries to “make a deal.” The loophole in this broken logic is that other countries don’t have to make a deal. They can impose their own tariffs on the US and force Trump to come to them.

To make this whole thing an even bigger waste of time, Trump indefinitely exempted Mexico and Canada:

Canada is the largest steel exporter to the United States, so the tariff is now meaningless.

The world is laughing at Trump as beneath his tough talk there is nothing, but empty gestures and failure.

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