Sarah Sanders Refuses to Face Reporters and Stormy Daniels Posts a Sexy Selfie

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is in trouble with Donald Trump and now is hiding out from reporters.  On Wednesday Sanders accidentally told the truth about Trump’s affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, and Trump was furious.

Meanwhile a defiant Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) posted a racy photo of herself on Instagram.  According to People Magazine “The former porn star — who on Tuesday filed a civil suit against the president over a nondisclosure agreement she signed to keep quiet about their alleged 2006 affair — took to her Instagram on Thursday to share a #tbt selfie showing her posing provocatively on a blanket. She captioned the snapshot: “Good mornin, haters!#tbt #texasgirl.”

It appears that Ms. Clifford, aka Daniels, will not be going away quietly.

Meanwhile, the website Raw Story reported that Press Secretary Sanders was avoiding public appearances on Thursday as rumors swirled that President Trump is furious about he statements during Wednesday’s press briefing.

According to Raw StoryWhite House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders on Thursday declined to schedule an on-camera briefing a day after she reportedly angered her boss by admitting he was party to the “hush agreement” with adult film actress Stormy Daniels.”  They go on to say that “the White House live events page states that there are “no live events scheduled” on Thursday.”

President Trump is well known for losing his temper at his staff people who do not communicate with the press in a way that is most favorable to him.  Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer was continually being criticized by Trump until he was forced out of his job. Even his most favored employee, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, was the object of his wrath after she admitted to Congressional investigators that she had told lies for the president.  Trump blew his top at Hicks and she decided to resign rather than continue to take his verbal abuse.

Given this pattern of treatment of his communications staff it is possible that Sarah Huckabee Sanders may be the next person in line to leave her White House job.  (49 staff people have already left before her.)

Here’s a suggestion for the president:  If he is so furious over Sarah Sanders’ handling of the Stormy Daniels questions from the press, why doesn’t he just go answer the reporters’ questions himself?  This is what a normal president would do, but Trump has proven himself to be far from normal.

Mr. President, stop sending a woman out there to face the press in your place! Be a man, and quit telling Sarah Sanders she has to lie about you cheating on your wife with a porn star in order to keep her job!

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