Pentagon Says No Tanks To Trump Military Parade

Donald Trump can have his military parade with marching troops and airplanes overhead, but there will be no tanks.

CNN reported:

I’m sure that Trump is going to be disappointed that military tanks won’t be tearing up the streets from the White House to the Capitol, but there shouldn’t be any military parade at all. If Trump wanted to honor vets, he could stop trying to privatize their healthcare. The administration could take the millions of dollars that they are wasting on the parade and use it for food and housing for vets in need.

If Trump wanted to show that he cared, he could attend Veteran’s Day parades in cities around the country, and see real vets march down the streets of their hometowns.

The interesting part of Trump’s Veteran’s Day parade is that there are no signs that it will include veterans. Vets and the troops shouldn’t have to come to Trump. If this president cared, he would go to them on his own dime and use the taxpayer money that is set to be wasted on this parade to help those who have served their country well.

Veterans don’t need a parade. They need a president who will get them what they need.

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