Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Went To Some Crazy Lengths To Save Her Job

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press that Trump doesn’t need to prepare for the N. Korea talks because he is the “ultimate negotiator.”


When asked how Trump is preparing for the North Korea meeting, Sanders said, “Look, the president has been preparing for this for quite some time in his regular briefings with the intelligence community, with his national security team. He’s going to continue doing that with other subject matter experts. But also the president is the ultimate negotiator when it comes to any type of conversation which is reflected in Senator Graham’s statement. We feel very confident where we are.”

Trump has bungled every single negotiation that he has been involved in as president. Trade deal negotiations are a shambles. His opting out of the Paris Climate Accord has left the US behind the rest of the world. Trump has screwed up every single negotiation with Congress so badly that Republicans keep away from bipartisan negotiations as much as they can.

Donald Trump is a walking deal killer, and for Sarah Huckabee Sanders to praise Trump’s negotiating skills twice in the same briefing suggesting that she is trying to save her job, as Trump was unhappy with her for letting the truth leak out.
Trump is a terrble negotiator, but Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants to keep her job so she appealed to an audience of one and played to Trump’s fragile ego.

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