Twitter Reacts to North Korea Meeting Announcement and It Isn’t Pretty

While Trump fans are ecstatic over his big diplomatic “victory” of agreeing to meet with an evil dictator other people are not so optimistic, and they have been expressing their reservations on Twitter ever since the announcement was made.

Some people think the announcement is nothing but an attempt to distract from Trump’s problems:

Others think that Trump may not be the best person to negotiate for the U.S. in talks with North Korea:

Of course without a Korean ambassador, there is no one else available to represent the U.S.

Some think Trump acted too quickly and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Others say Trump is being taken advantage of by Kim Jong




Experts think that Trump and his harsh rhetoric have had nothing to do with North Korea’s desire to have a meeting with him, but the pressure is coming from elsewhere.

Then there’s this question: Are we sure we’re sending our best people to negotiate over nuclear weapons?

Does Trump even understand what North Korea is trying to do here?

Of course, many skeptics will find humor in the North Korea announcement.  Rob Reiner asks an interesting question.

And questions about the ultimate location for the proposed meeting.

The leaks from North Korea have already started!

And finally, there is this hopeful thought – maybe Trump will just stay there!