Trump Calls NBC’s Chuck Todd A Son Of A Bitch In Pittsburgh Rally Meltdown


Trump was ranting about the media during his rally in Pittsburgh when he called NBC’s Chuck Todd a son of a bitch in a moment of total meltdown.



Trump said, “Did you ever see the story where it is 1999; I’m on Meet The Press a show now headed by sleepy eyes chuck Todd. He is a sleeping son of a bitch, I’ll tell you. And they showed it this morning. 1999. And I’m talking about North Korea. You got to take them out now.

Trump’s attack on Chuck Todd came out of nowhere, and was the largest indication yet that the president hates anyone who criticizes him. If you are not on Fox News and kissing Trump’s ring, you are an enemy. Todd has been calling out Trump’s failing administration with facts on a nearly daily basis on his MSNBC show MTP Daily.

Trump is now using his platform as president to attack members of the free press for reporting facts. No matter how you feel about Chuck Todd’s work, no journalist deserves to be attacked at a presidential rally.

Donald Trump’s attack on Chuck Todd was an attack on the free press, and his remark about Todd was evidence that this president is in full mental meltdown.

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