Trump Blames Others For His Failure And Wants To Fire His White House Inner Circle


Donald Tr*mp Doesn’t Give a F*ck.

According to a new report from Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, Donald Trump is about to “You’re fired” multiple members of his inner White House circle. Those (un)fortunate souls include H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, Jared Kushner and even Trump dife (“dwaughter?”) Ivanka.

Sherman tells us that high off his defiance of the cooler economic heads in his administration (#tariffsaredumb), Trump feels no fear of Republican party leaders, and astonishingly, even less shame than ever.

Sherman describes this approach as “going full MAGA,” a phrase that’s likely a little closer to “whole Megillah” than Trump and his cronies are comfortable with.


“He knows how the levers of power work,” one Republican too spineless to speak on the record told Sherman anonymously. “He doesn’t give a f*ck.”

A “friend” adds that levying harmful and stupid tariffs on steel and aluminum was a way of flipping the bird to Gary -“Hate is bad, tariffs are worse”- Cohn and to embattled/embittered Chief of Staff John Kelly. Another friend (syn: sycophant) of Trump’s adds that it was “like a f*ck you to Kelly. Trump is red-hot about Kelly trying to control him.”

Sherman’s sources tell him that they expect Kelly and McMaster to be posting their resumes on before too long, while another posits that Trump will be interviewing their potential replacements next weekend at Mar-a-Lago (between golf rounds, one assumes).

Meanwhile, Sherman’s sources assure him that the Donald (seriously?) hopes to give Jared and Ivanka a “soft landing” outside of the White House, presumably by putting them to work on his 2020 campaign: make “America Great Again Again!”