Elizabeth Warren Tells Meet The Press She’s Not Running For President

In an interview to be aired Sunday morning on Meet the Press Chuck Todd asked Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts some very pointed questions.  Such as, “are you running for president in 2020?” and “will you promise to serve a full six years if you are re-elected to the Senate in 2018?”

Senator Warren is very popular with a segment of the Democratic Party which supported Bernie Sanders for president.  She also is the leading advocate for protecting consumers, especially people affected my financial crimes on Wall Street.


During the interview Warren:

  1. refused to pledge to serve out a full six-year term in the Senate if reelected in 2018,and
  2. told Chuck Todd that she is “not running for president.”

However she did make some other interesting comments.  She said, “Let me actually make a — underline a point on this one, and that is we can’t just be a party that says, “Oh, we’re paying attention about what happens every four years. And I know there’s a lot of anxiety, particularly on the Democratic side, about how we are going to deal with Donald Trump in 2020.”

“I take it as a no you’re not pledging to serve your full six year term if you win reelection?” Todd responded.

“I already told you. I have no intention of running for the United States, for president,” she responded. “This government is working better and better and better for a thinner and thinner slice at the top. I am in these fights, and I am in this fight to retain my Senate seat in 2018. That’s where I’m focused. That’s where I’m going to stay focused. I’m not running for president.”

Warren has also been in the news over the past week for her comments on a bill deregulating some of the country’s largest banks.  Warren accused some congressional Democrats of siding with banks and money interests instead of working families.