The Internet Is Aflame With Joe Biden 2020 Rumors

The internet is aflame with rumors of a Joe Biden run for president in 2020. If you are interested in reading what others say, below are some of the most recent articles and tweets on this topic. What do you think of Joe Biden 2020?

From Newsweek:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden and his team have reportedly toyed with a number of ways to campaign against, and beat, President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The perceived frontrunner for the Democratic nomination along with independent Senator Bernie Sanders, Biden could either announce his candidacy very early or later in the primary season so as to dictate the field around him, according to Politico on Friday citing people privy to Biden’s talks with aides.

Other ideas involve opting to head directly to South Carolina, instead of the first two primaries in New Hampshire and Iowa, as well as picking a running mate immediately.”

From Politico:

“Biden knows that winning in 2020 would require a shoot-the-moon set of circumstances and luck. So his team is on the hunt for a moon shot.

Between stops on his book tour and in the ramp-up for what will be a heavy midterms campaign schedule, a tight circle of aides has been brainstorming a range of tear-up-the-playbook ideas for a White House run, according to people who’ve been part of the discussions or told about them.”

From The Hill:

“Biden, who met with major donor Robert Wolf recently as speculation about his plans swirls around Washington, is actively dissuading aides and donors from speculating about his 2020 plans, urging Democrats instead to focus on retaking majorities in this year’s midterm elections.”

From New York Magazine:


From Robby Ball, an opinion poll.

From Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, some cold water.

We don’t know if Biden will run in 2020. Frankly, it would be better to have some fresh faces running for the Democrats. But if Joe runs, I wouldn’t count him out!