Jared Kushner Is Now Facing Charges In Every Direction

Saturday is a good day to look back on the events of the past week.  With all the news about North Korea and Stormy Daniels, it would be easy to forget about the corrupt Jared Kushner.  But we shouldn’t do that.

The president’s son-in-law is facing ethical charges from many different directions. He has had his top-secret security clearance revoked so he is now only playing the part of the country’s top negotiator with China and in the Middle East — he can’t really do any negotiating for the U.S. without his security clearance.  Kelly has cut him off at the knees.

In related news, it appears that the president may be sending Jared and Ivanka back to New York City.  All of Jared’s bad publicity and shady dealings are making Ivanka’s daddy unhappy. And Ivanka is also mad at the press for being mean to her poor little husband.  

Vanity Fair had an excellent article explaining what’s going on with Jarvanka (or is it RedIvan? That would be more appropriate.)  It also discusses how Trump may be looking for a new Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor. (He reportedly interviewed John Bolton, who would be the worst person possible for either of those jobs.)  So many changes are under way in the White House.

(A separate new article was published detailing Ivanka’s complaints about how John Kelly has been mean to Jared, which she thinks is SO unfair.  Her anger at the way her family is being treated may also be motivating her to take the kids back to Manhattan where they could start school there in the fall.)

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats are not forgetting about Kushner’s misdeeds and according to another Vanity Fair article she is ready to “make his life hell.”  Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving guy!

What’s going on is that leading Democrats in Congress don’t think we should just “forgive and forget” about Kushner’s financial crimes which resulted in him selling out the United States for his own personal benefit.

Two separate letters sent by Warren and Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) Gary Peters (D-Mich.), and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), demand that Citigroup and Apollo Global Management disclose details of over $500 million in loans they provided Kushner Companies after meeting with Jared Kushner in the White House.

The letter to Citigroup reads:  “Federal ethics laws prohibit federal employees from profiting from their government service, and Mr. Kushner’s refusal to fully divest from his financial holdings raises questions about his behavior as a Special Adviser to President Trump. It would be a serious matter if the loans provided to Kushner Companies by Citigroup resulted in a violation of federal ethics laws.”

The letters to the banks also demand that they let Congress know if Kushner, during the banks’ meetings in the White House, discussed with the banks’ employees the loans that were made.

Remember, Kushner got over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS from these companies after he met with them IN THE WHITE HOUSE.  What’s up with that?  Is that even legal? Was he acting on behalf of the people of the United States or for his own benefit? What did the banks receive from Jared in exchange for them giving him all that money? Was this a classic “pay for play” deal?  What was the “quid pro quo?”  All of America wants to know the answers to these question.

Because Jared is a high rolling investor who reportedly needs upward of a billion dollars to keep his many real estate deals afloat while they are sinking in a big pool of red ink, his actions increasingly look like those of a desperate man.

So there is a lot more to tell about this particular Kushner story and we’ll be on top of it and report back to you if and when the banks respond to Warren and the other Congressmen.