Steve Bannon Considers Buying Newsweek Or Similar News Outlet

After getting kicked out of the Trump Administration and his right-wing news website Breitbart, Steve Bannon is now touring Europe fomenting populist discontent.  

In recent weeks Bannon has toured Europe, getting to know European far-right leaders. For example: read more

Democrats Who Voted For Trump In PA-18 Are Coming Home To Conor Lamb

One of the reasons why the Pennsylvania House special election is so close is that Democrats who voted for Trump in the 18th District are coming home to Conor Lamb.


Democrats are coming home to Conor Lamb. #PA18 read more

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Is Cheating On His Wife With a 25 Year Old

The sleaze keeps oozing out of the right-wingers at Fox News.  

After the long history of Fox people cheating on their spouses, and sexual harassment charges against people like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly now it turns out that Jesse Watters — who is nearly 40 years old with a wife and two young daughters — has been carrying on a sexual relationship with 25 year old associate producer Emma DiGiovine. read more

Trump Thinks He Is Going To Be Able To Lie To Mueller And Get Away With It

Trump has convinced himself that he can lie to Robert Mueller under oath and get away with it.

Video of Dep. Press Sec. Raj Shaw on Trump’s plans to testify under oath:

Transcript via ABC’s This Week: read more

Trump Demands You Turn Off The TV When They Talk About His Poll Numbers

Trump is now telling the American people to turn off their televisions when journalists report on his terrible poll numbers.

Trump tweeted:

Rasmussen and others have my approval ratings at around 50%, which is higher than Obama, and yet the political pundits love saying my approval ratings are “somewhat low.” They know they are lying when they say it. Turn off the show – FAKE NEWS! read more

Shocker: In Red States With Vulnerable Democratic Senators Big Majorities Favor Legal Status for Immigrants

This year’s race for the U.S. Senate will be a hard-fought battle throughout the country.  But a surprising new poll shows that vulnerable Democratic senators may be in better shape than most people expected.  According to Axios, this could be a deciding factor in control of the Senate. read more

Large Newspaper Endorsement For Connor Lamb Rocks The PA-18 Special Election

The largest newspaper in two counties in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District just endorsed Democrat Conor Lamb in the PA House special election.

The Observer-Reporter wrote in their endorsement of Lamb, “We believe one of the two candidates would be better positioned to be the kind of moderate, conciliatory figure that is needed in this tempestuous moment in our political life, and that is Conor Lamb.” read more

Amazing! Jared Kushner’s Democratic Brother Josh Just Donated $50,000 to March for Our Lives.

Who knew that the entitled Trump son-in-law (and future felon) Jared Kushner has a brother who is a good guy?  I sure didn’t, and I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t read it in an article in Axios.   read more

As The White House Burns, Trump Surrogate Runs Away From Stormy Daniels Question

Trump surrogate Anthony Scaramucci immediately changed the subject to Melania when he was asked if Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels.


Watch The Mooch change the subject to Melania when asked about Trump's affair with Stormy Daniels. #SOTU read more

DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison Calls On All Democrats to Support Single Payer

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) called for his fellow Democrats to support universal healthcare. Ellison, the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), believes a unified approach to healthcare will also heal divisions in his party. read more

Parkland Parent Who Lost His Daughter In Mass Shooting Says “I’m Not Going Away”

Fred Guttenberg has no faith in politicians’ ability to stand up to the NRA.  That’s why he has decided if anything is going to be done about guns in the United States, he has to do it himself.

On February 14th, his daughter Jaime was murdered in her high school hallway, in Parkland, Florida. The lovely and precocious 14-year-old girl was running away from the shooter when a bullet struck her in the back and fatally severed her spinal cord. read more

States Are Freaking Out About Proposal to Let Trump Send Secret Service Agents to Polling Places

A provision of the new Homeland Security reauthorization bill would allow armed Secret Service agents to enter polling locations at the direction of the President, and state officials in charge of elections are not happy.  The bill has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and next will be considered in the U.S. Senate. read more