Large Newspaper Endorsement For Connor Lamb Rocks The PA-18 Special Election


The largest newspaper in two counties in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District just endorsed Democrat Conor Lamb in the PA House special election.

The Observer-Reporter wrote in their endorsement of Lamb, “We believe one of the two candidates would be better positioned to be the kind of moderate, conciliatory figure that is needed in this tempestuous moment in our political life, and that is Conor Lamb.”

The endorsement continued, “The first Democrat with a shot at winning the conservative congressional district in many years, Lamb has refrained from full-frontal attacks on Trump and has instead relentlessly focused on what he believes are key issues for the district. He promises to make fighting the opioid epidemic a front-and-center priority, with a greater investment in treatment and prevention. Lamb is also a supporter of the Marcellus Shale industry, but believes the health and safety of residents should be a central concern. Pledging to protect Medicare and Social Security is a customary stance for candidates of either party to adopt, but Lamb is also offering a forward-looking proposal for younger people that would allow debt from student loans to be refinanced, and would help some students pay their loans if they take on certain kinds of public service jobs. We were struck by Lamb’s sincerity and self-possession. We believe he would be a sound choice for voters in the 18th Congressional District.”

Why the Conor Lamb newspaper endorsement matters


The endorsement demonstrates why the Trump rally for Saccone was such a disaster. Trump promised that Saccone would vote for him 100% of the time, but voters in the 18th District don’t want a partisan rubber stamp as their congressman. They are looking for someone who will represent them, and meet them in the middle.

Donald Trump carried Washington County 60%-35% over Hillary Clinton. Trump carried Greene County by a 62%-36% margin over Clinton. These are not Democratic areas. They are deep red, and Trump made a major tactical error when he assumed that voters wanted a candidate who would be his lapdog.

Conor Lamb has run a fantastic campaign because much like Doug Jones did in Alabama, he is a moderate who is focusing on representing the needs of his potential constituents, not partisan politics.

Voters want to be heard, and that is why Conor Lamb is in a fantastic position to win on Tuesday night.